Build Beautiful and Engaging Mobile Creatives Easy, affordable and widely certified rich media platform packed with incredible service support.
Multi Device Compatibitly
Work Smart, Not Hard. Always! To put it simply, making beautiful ads was never this easy.
DIY with Joy Use drag & drop to create amazing ads on your own. Only add code to enhance ads.
Enhance with Animations Make ads stunning and irresistible
to tap on with easy to deploy animations.
Create Easily, Publish Widely.
Your ideas will find a home across all screens, be it iOS or Android,
on widely certified inventories.
Go From Intuitions to Informed Decisions. Analyse your success with the Zen Panel, our genius analytics dashboard.
Its UI Makes You Smile
Clearly understand results with graphical reports, heat maps, etc.
Creative Tracking Solutions
A/B test multiple variants to run the most impactful one. Let the fittest survive.
Helps Close on Leads? Indeed!
Integration with Salesforce helps convert leads efficiently.
Smart ads for today's Smart users
Engage users with dynamic, personalized rich media ads.
Live Ads Power your ads with rapid fire updates. It's perfect for live tickers, stock updates, sport scores, etc.
Data-driven Ads Extend your ad's potential with data feeds like catalogues, coupons, Facebook updates and Tweets.
Contextual Ads Deliver highly-personalized ads by capitalizing on a user's location, date, time, temperature, etc.
Experience Our Work
Our amazing work has brought an upward curve on performance metrics and faces.
OUR STORY Bonzai is the brainchild of Rahul Pandey and
Sameer Shah. Co-founded in 2011,
it is the confluence of an enterprising business
expert and an ever-curious tech evangelist.

Our vision is to make brands go beyond campaign objectives and foster higher affinity with their audience. Everything we do has a single agenda:
drive brand engagement!
OUR OFFICES INDIA Mumbai 601, Swati Building, North Avenue Road,
Santacruz (West), Mumbai - 400054.
+91 - 22 - 65556362 | Email:
Singapore 16, Raffles Quay, #33-03 Hong Leon
building, Singapore - 048581.